Solutions for a Technological Breakthrough

Implementation Services:

Implementation solutions require a strong synergy between deep business and IT expertise. With Invenger’s implementation solutions, you get to understand your business better, build and deploy your systems to minimize risk and only focus on output and value. Implementation solutions reach every corner of your business to extract a complete productive boost.

We are specialized in:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Service Now
  • CMS
  • Guidewire

Realtime Digitalization and Automation services

Transform your operations from reactive to proactive using our intelligent insights and process automation. With Invenger, use the best of our technological expertise in transforming the core of your business model to work towards efficiency. We ensure maintaining the same workflows and the overall culture and integrity of the organisation but just with better outputs through the benefits of digitalization and automation.

Intensive IT Development Services

As a leading Software development service provider, we strive to deliver the best-suited software solutions as per each client’s needs spanned across different industries. We leverage a right-fit software development methodology to simplify routine tasks and accelerate the process of development with a creative out-of-the-box approach.

Explore our options:

  • MVP services
  • Solution Architecture
  • Full Stack Development
  • Application Building

Quality Assurance (QA) services

A full-spectrum Quality Assurance and testing solution through trained Quality Analysts in our team. We are well-equipped with different types of automated and manual testing to ensure stellar results. We analyse your product specifications and come up with tailor-made solutions that align with your needs.

We handle the testing of various processes:

  • ETL ( Extract/Transform/Load ) Testing
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Services
  • Enterprise Application Testing
  • Unified Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • TDD / BDD approach

Project Management Services

With Invenger, navigate through your projects and programs with expertise as we help you strategize from the start till the completion stage. The lifecycles of the projects and programs are crucial for the performance of the company as any errors or flaws can take the output to a downfall. Our team is backed up with all the methodological knowledge, technical expertise, and an eye for analytics to help you steer your way into delivering an optimal performance that also aligns with your customer’s expectations.