Support Services to keep you going along the path of growth!

Technical support through Inbound call processing- L2

Technical Support functions on a more in-depth approach. This is made possible through the support team holding expertise and vertical, in-depth knowledge in the field of a particular product or service. A meticulous process of troubleshooting and analysis is involved to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Outbound call processing support

Call Processing Support assists customer and service relationship management, aiding value underpinning the experience and expectations of the users. Services combined with responsive support lead to surpassed customer expectations. Happy clients are a living brand enhancement leading to further customer retention and establishing new relations.  

Insurance support

Financial security and risk mitigation, keep one protected from the unforeseen and unfortunate financial hurdles of life. Insurance can keep you protected, letting you bounce back through life with resilience. For a seamless delivery of Insurance services that cater to the unique needs of the clients, Invenger offers support through a range of approaches including Policy Administration and Backoffice Support, and other miscellaneous support.

Marketing Support

In the age of digitalization, n end-to-end marketing team that lets you explore the heights of possibilities is crucial to make an everlasting brand impact. This envelopes Marketing Strategies, delivering Digital Marketing, and Content Management solutions for an across-the-board digital experience. 

Compliance and Control

With Invenger, focus on mitigating a range of risks across your organisation as you maximise predictability and efficient deployment. We utilise our diverse pool of controls professionals, compliance specialists, security professionals, and risk consultants with industry knowledge to meet all your requirements. A business may run at its best potential but ensuring the accuracy of financial data and protection against any loss is also very crucial.